Transmission Repairs

If you suspect that you need a transmission repair, you may be worried about the cost involved with fixing the problem. While it’s true that some transmission repairs are costly, putting off a visit to your trusted transmission shop may result in an even costly repair or the need for a new transmission altogether. At Remac Transmissions, we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with high-quality repairs at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for an affordable transmission shop that will make sure your transmission issues are fixed properly the first time, visit our shop today and we will get to work diagnosing your car’s specific transmission issue.

Fluid Leaks

Under no circumstances should your transmission ever be leaking fluid. If you notice any type of leak spots underneath your car, try to determine if your transmission is the source. Transmission fluids will appear different than oil or condensation leaking from the bottom of your car. This fluid is a bright red or brown in color. If you determine that your transmission is in fact leaking, bring in into our shop right away so we can remedy the problem.


Automatic transmission slipping occurs when your car is unable to change out of a particular gear. You will likely notice strange high-pitched noises coming from your engine. Occasionally and depending on which gear you are stuck in, your car may feel like it’s struggling to pick up momentum. Major acceleration issues are a tell-tell sign of transmission slipping.

Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement refers to the transmission symptom where your car experiences a delay from the time you shift into drive to the time when the vehicle actually starts moving. If you notice a long pause before your vehicle actually begins to move forward, even if you’re pressing down on the gas, you should have your transmission inspected right away.

Rough Shifts

If your vehicle is experiencing rough shifts, or it struggles to change gears as smoothly as it should, you are likely experiencing a transmission problem. You will often notice a jump or clucking noise as your car struggle to shift gears. Often times, your vehicle will also struggle to pick up momentum the way it usually does.

If Your Transmission Indicator Light is On

If your dashboard is displaying a transmission warning or a check engine light, do not hesitate to have your vehicle looked at by a trusted professional right away. At Remac we can quickly identify your transmission problem and give you a fair, honest bid for the repairs. Putting off transmission repairs can mean the difference between paying hundreds to paying thousands to get your vehicle back in good working order.

Don’t trust your vehicle to a shop that will lure you in with the promise of cheap transmissions and repairs. If not done properly, even something as simple as a transmission flush can end up causing additional damage to your car. At Remac, we stand behind all of our work and all of our parts come with a manufacturer warranty. We have built a reputation for ourselves in this community for being a quality, honest repair shop. Visit us today and let us help you get your car back up and running properly